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At The Lowlands Ju Jitsu Association we pride ourselves in giving our members and visitors the very best. All our professionals have a flair for teaching and will be able to develop your skills to the very best SPANNING three generations of the Blundell family..

Professor K.J. Blundell

Professor Kenneth James Blundell is the head of the Lowlands Ju-Jitsu & Self Defence Club and National Executive Board Member on the B.J.J.A.

Sensei W.K. Blundell

Wayne Kenneth Blundell is the third generation to learn and carry on in his grandfathers and fathers tradition of Ju-Jitsu and self defence.

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All the latest news from Lowlands Ju-Jitsu and the wider Ju-Jitsu world.

Life Time Achivement Award - 60 Years!

Congratulations to our Head Coach Professor Kenneth James Blundell 9th Dan who as awarded a Life Time Achievement gift for…

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Money Raised

We managed to raise £665! A big THANK YOU to every one who participated and to all those who sponsored the…

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4 Pillars of Self Defence

Ju-Jitsu is based around the the four pillars of self defence.

Pillar 1: Physical

The physical pillar is all about ensuring that your body can physically perform in any given situation. This includes:

  • Mobility
  • Flexibility
  • Cardio-vascular exercise.

If you struggle with any of these Ju-Jitsu will help improve any areas you are lacking during the extensive warm up.

Pillar 2:  Emotional

Emotional defense is one that you may already practice without knowing it. Emotional attacks and take many forms such as:

  • Negative remarks
  • Peer pressure
  • Bullying
  • Low self confidence
  • Lack of self discipline

Ju-Jitsu helps you build self confidence, discipline and a better way of thinking.

Pillar 3: Nutrition

A healthy diet and life style reduces the risk of illness. Improving your nutrition will also improve the first two pillars - your body and mind!

Pillar 4:  Situational Awareness

It is more than likely you will find yourself in some kind of confrontation during your life time. Being able to recognise dangerous situations and deescalate any you get involved is the preferred way rather than having to physically defend yourself. It is always best to stay in an attentive but relaxed state so you are aware of the following:

  • Situations
  • People - especially gangs
  • Environmental hazards
    • Sharp objects on the floor
    • Dark alleyways
    • Enclosed spaces

If you encounter an immediate potential threat then the first step is to avoid if possible. Ju-Jitsu is there to teach you to always be aware of what is going on around you.