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For anyone who is interested in entering competitions, there are many opportunities with the Lowlands.
We also welcome students from other clubs and styles.

You can enter:

Inter-club competitions
Regional competitions
National competitions
European and other international competitions

Special training sessions are held regularly for students wishing to prepare.

Students can train for a variety of events:

Random Attacks (One Person)
Random Attacks (Two Person)
Katas (Empty Hand)
Katas (Weapons)
Pairs Demonstrations
Team Demonstrations
Sparring (strikes and throws)
Ground fighting
B.J.J.A.G.B. National Championship Kata

Students can also join club and national squads specializing in competition work. Students in the national squad have the opportunity to travel abroad and represent their country.


Lowlands follows the B.J.J.A.G.B. Anti-Doping policy. Please click the link below to find out more information.


BJJAGB Anti-Doping Policy